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Here at Lux Dental Group, we provide many dental related services in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Using revolutionary and state of the art equipment, rest assured that you will receive exceptional treatments and expect nothing less from our customer service. Call us today,

we look forward to meeting you and your loved ones.

Complete Oral Examination

This examination allows for a full review and analysis of the overall general health of the client. The information that is collected is then used to create an appropriate diagnosis & treatment plan completely tailored to you.

Oral Cancer


At every visit, an oral cancer screening is performed. Any suspicious lesions are noted and a prompt referral to the appropriate health care provider will recommended.

Oral Hygiene


Designed to assist the client with oral care techniques and flossing.This information session discusses barriers and addresses concerns and promotes a stronger commitment to a healthier mouth.


Scaling and root planning is a safe and meticulous procedure that carefully removes plaque, bacteria and calculus around and below the gumline. Using state of the art technology in equipment in a safe and comfortable setting is our priority.


This treatment removes the extrinsic stain, plaque, and soft deposits from the teeth. It results in a smoother tooth surface, leaving your mouth and teeth feeling refreshed.


Fluoride treatments are offered to clients if they have a history of tooth decay or sensitive teeth. Fluoride has been designed to aid in strengthening enamel and alters the ability of plaque to produce acid that causes decay.


For those with sensitive teeth that do not respond to traditional fluoride therapy, ask about our varnish treatments that can be provided to decrease pain or sensitivities.

Zoom Whitening/Take Home Whitening

Almost everyone can benefit from tooth whitening; however, it may not be as effective for some as it is for others. Call us for a thorough oral exam and shade assessment to see if in office whitening is for you.

Dental Restorations

Also known as dental fillings. This procedure uses materials to restore the function, integrity and tooth structure.
A restoration is usually done as a result of a cavity, trauma, cracked and/or chips to the enamel. Materials used can include gold, porcelain, composite resin
(tooth coloured material) or amalgam (silver coloured material).

Crowns and Bridges

Is a common method to replace missing teeth due to premature loss or trauma. They are fixed prosthetic devices that are permanently cemented in the mouth. Crowns are commonly used to entirely cover a crown prepped tooth or over an implant. Bridges are commonly used to cover one or more teeth. Both treatments commonly requires only two visits to complete.


Veneers are very thin custom made “shells” of selected tooth coloured material.  These shells are bonded to the tooth giving the appearance of a new tooth. Once the veneers are placed, regularly scheduled exams, dental cleanings and impeccable home care is recommended.  


If a tooth has been damaged by decay or trauma, our dental team will try to repair it with a number of dental treatments to restore the natural tooth.  However, when there has been too much damage made to the tooth, it may need to be removed from the socket in the bone. 

Root Canal Therapy (RCT’s)

This treatment is performed when the pulp/nerves of the tooth become inflamed or infected. There are a number of reasons why and RCT is indicated. When clients allow us to perform RCT’s, you can maintain your natural smile and with proper care. Once the treatment is completed, the tooth is restored with a crown for further protection.

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